Something Slightly Different 01/10/2016

Charlie is back from the Smite World Championship and wants to talk about what he saw. He also want to make you aware of a great books series you should be reading, and a couple of conventions that you need to check out.


Something Slightly Different 01/05/2016


Something Slightly Different 12/14/2015


Charlie hops on to talk about the crazy world of being on video, and the misconception that it must mean you make money. He also talks about why he loves RPGs, but really doesn't want to review them.


Something Slightly Different 12/06/2015


Charlie has a little bit of built up frustration about something that happened on Sunday, but he is excited to tell you that Craig Campbell is going to come back for round 2 of the Thursday Night Hangout close to his KickStarter taking off in April.

Charlie also rambles on about a couple of other things as well.


Something Slightly Different 11/30/2015

Charlie is back for a new Something Slightly Different. In this episode he eludes the the unboxing of the IndieBox, the physical copy of Massive Chalice, this rant about Oldsmobile (even though its GMC and not Oldsmobile)... and much much more.