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The Strength of an Abused Person

There is a story that is rapidly gaining a ton of traction centered around Chloe Dykstra, a nerd lady that many a man, and probably woman fond over. She decided to write an article titled "Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession", in this article she makes the decision to talk about a previous relationship with an unnamed ex-boyfriend. This person, according to her (which I believe), was extremely controlling, sexually assaulted her, alienated her from friends and family, and because of the level of stress she spiraled into anorexia.

Before I write any more I do want to give the direct link to the article so that you can read it for yourself.

Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession

I will fully admit that when I first started reading this piece I immediately thought, there's no way she's talking about Chris Hardwick, he always seems so jovial, silly, and just too damn cool. Well the more I read the more I started to see that the ex was Chris Hardwick. The details given in the article about the man, and certain descriptions painted the bullseye right on Hardwick

This is, sadly, enough story of what you see isn't always the whole story, ironically that is the theme of almost everything the last couple of years, or maybe it’s always been this way and it’s something that some of us are finally waking up to. We, as people, really really need to hear the whole story and not pass judgement until everything is on the table. We are too fast to go with the knee-jerk reactions. We'll vehemently come to the defense of someone who we have respect for without a doubt, but is our blindness going to end up allowing the accuser to continue down the path of being abused, alienated, and to the point of suicide.

It is beyond easy to go with the first thing you think and then damn the consequences because there's probably more people who will do the same thing than those who want to educate themselves about a situation or a person. My closing thought is that although she did make it obvious that it was Hardwick, I feel that she did it in a way that allows her to take a healthy breath of air and hopefully heal a wound that probably festered for years.



E3: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Just take my money already. There's going to be another Tomb Raider to the reboot of the franchise, once again it will take Lara to exotic locations where she might have just started something that could destroy the world. You will have to survive through whatever means necessary. You'll also have to get into even more trouble to maybe fix what you started. No matter what this is definitely a game I'm going to be keeping my eye on, and I'm probably going to dust off my XBOX One, which has been the Bluray player in my house for sometime.



E3: Cyberpunk 2077 has an Update

CD Projekt Red's highly anticipated futuristic cyberpunk game looks to be finally nearing that finish line. Well, maybe it is or maybe it isn't but at least there's an update to it. At E3 a new trailer was shown off to give you a better look at the main character, V, and the city that you'll be exploring (Night City, California).  This is going to be a First-Person Role-Playing Game with some serious GTA flavor to it.

Now the reason why I say "maybe" on the release is that this game was first revealed back in May of 2012, and now that we're in 2018 that's over 6 years of development with not many updates. This game is scheduled to be headed to the PC, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One.



An Extended Version of an Incredible Card Game is Now on KickStarter

Many out there might recall that we gave you a heads up on the original KickStarter for the game Spellslingers, well there's a new KickStarter for the game. Now I know some of you might be scratching your heads going, why another KickStarter for the same product? Well the truth of the matter is that this time around you'll get not only the original game but you'll be able to have the enhanced version of the game. This will include the following:

  • Spellslingers: Fundamentals (Beginner Expansion): 60 New Spell Cards! This is the perfect deck for beginners or casual gamers!  

  • Spellslingers: Against All Odds (Expert Expansion): 160 New Spell Cards! 10 Character Cards, 20 Treasure Cards, 5 Location Cards. This is the perfect deck for veteran Spellslingers!  

  • Pledge Pack: A pack of 120 cards funded through KickStarter 

  • Storage Space: The Big Box not only holds all of this content, but it also holds your original Spellslingers deck if you already have it, or will get it in the future!  

Altered Confusion personally backed the first KickStarter of Spellslingers, and we can definitely say that we will be backing this round as well. If you want to see some of the passion that the creator, Vincent Baker, has for this game, simply check out the interview we did with him.




Cross Platform Pokemon Incoming?

So Nintendo has announced that there is going to be some Pokemon love on the Switch in the very near future. This game will also have connectivity to Pokemon Go, which to be honest I thought had basically run its course, I guess I was wrong on that point. They're also going to introduce the Pokeball controller. It's basically something that you're going to probably forget to put the wrist restraint on and damage the controller or something in your house when you do the action of throwing the Poke-ball. There's also the added bonus of taking it for walks and racking up the extra experience while you're away from your console... should you just be playing Pokemon Go then? If you are on the go... Isn't that kind of the point?

Anyways, in my opinion this is a very interesting development. If this does really really well, this might be the start of the 3DS' last dance. I know that there are going to be tons of people out there who will think otherwise, but honestly Pokemon keeps the 3DS ticking, if that exclusivity starts to dwindle or the move from handheld to console/handheld actually happens, the 3DS is a goner.