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Thursday Night Hangout 05/18/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you even more awesomeness this week with:

Tencent eSports Village
Pro eSports Coaches, are they legal?
DOTA who actually owns the rights?
VR MMOs how far off are they
Nintendo goes even more mobile


Thursday Night Hangout 05/11/2017

Charlie and Zealeus give you the latest in awesomeness with this weeks round of topics:

Fan-Made Creations
Game Key Marketplaces and Legal Gray Space
eSports and the NBA
Harvard Banned from Heroes of the Dorm
The cost for a Pro Team in Overwatch
Remaster of Phantom Dust
SnarfQuest Rewards Reveal



Thursday Night Hangout 05/04/2017

This week Charlie and Zealeus have a little bit of streaming issues, and audio issues, but they still bring the awesomeness on


  • Is a Spiritual Successor through KickStarter able to live up to the hype?
  • Steam's "Demo Mode" (Refund Policy")
  • Can Story Driven Franchises survive after ALL original writers leave?
  • #AlliedStrong
  • Can a Do Everything MMO ever succeed?
  • GOP's "Internet Freedom Act"
  • Pre-Order Gray Widow's Web TODAY




Thursday Night Hangout 04/27/2017

Charlie and Zealeus once again bringing excellence to a show thanks to the audience's participation:

Genyo Takeda steps down from Nintendo
DDoS Creator gets Jailed
Sequel to Unbreakable and Split, Glass
Halo 6
Rumors of a SNES Classic
Online Ramifications



Popular Smite Player Loses Battle with Cancer

Cancer is an evil that takes away so many people, and it has claimed yet another. The popular streamer and Pro Smite player, Allied, has just lost his fight with gastro-esophageal cancer. This was not his first bout with this demon, but it was his last. He retired in 2015 because of the cancer, but found his way back to the Pro scene for Season 4 of Smite where we was a substitute player and streamer for Luminosity Gaming.



It was on April 29th that he revealed, via twitter, that the cancer had become terminal and that he had made the decision to sign the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. It was revealed yesterday that he was in hospice heavily sedated surrounded by loved ones, and it was today that he took his final breath.

Luminosity Gaming has stepped up in support of one of their own and is currently offering Allied jerseys where all the proceeds will go towards cancer research.



Hi-Rez Studios is giving all players the chance to show their support with a special #Allied avatar that you can unlock by typing #alliedstrong into the redeem code section.

This is one of these situations where nothing seems right with the world, cancer is the type of thing that makes things really real at the same time seem completely unfair. As a person who has seen what cancer does to a loved one and my family members my heart and prayers go to Allied's friends and family. This is going to be a very tough time for them, and hopefully they will be able to get the time to grieve and heal.